Clinical Genetics & Genetic counselling

Specialising in Genetic and Inherited Conditions
A/Prof Michael Gabbett

About The Mendel Institute

The Mendel Institute is a medical practice that specialises in genetic and inherited diseases. We care for people with, or who are concerned about having, a personal or family history of a genetic condition.

What we do

The Mendel Institute provides:

Clinical assessment

Our specialists provide a thorough clinical assessment to assist with a genetic diagnosis.

Genetic counselling

We provide expert genetic counselling in order to inform you what a genetic diagnosis means for you and your family.

Reproductive risks

The Mendel Institute is able to organise testing of both you and your partner to help determine the risks to current or future pregnancies.


We provide a specialist assessment of your personal and/or family history of cancer to determine what genetic factors may be responsible.


The Mendel Institute can organise genetic testing specific to your needs to help with genetic diagnosis.


We provide genetic consultations to regional and remote areas for people who have difficulties attending a capital city for a specialist appointment.

How to make an appointment With Us

Your general practitioner (GP) or specialist can refer you to see Dr Michael Gabbett. Referrals can be emailed directly to or faxed to (07) 3540 8157.

Please telephone 07 3193 7780 to organise your appointment.

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07 3193 7780


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Frequently Asked Questions

Like with most medical appointments, seeing a clinical geneticist will involve having your medical history taken and possibly a physical examination.

In addition, a clinical geneticist will explore your family history in detail.
Using information from your history and physical examination, your specialist will determine what heritable condition you or you family has, if any.

Genetic tests may be suggested to help reach a diagnosis.

Genetic counselling is just a discussion which helps you to understand any genetic condition that may be present in you or your family.

The specialist will answer your questions about where the genetic condition came from, what other health complications you may need to be monitored for, the chances other family members could have the same condition, what options you have to optimise your health, and any other questions that you may have.

Genetic testing is not always needed. Sometimes your specialist can determine your genetic risks from history and examination alone.

Genetic testing can be expensive and not worth the cost. However, genetic testing can sometimes provide important answers about your health.

Your clinical geneticist will go through all the benefits and drawbacks genetic testing may have so you can make an informed decision about the need to proceed with genetic testing.