Clinical Genetics Services

Clinical genetics services

We provide clinical genetics services over the entire life span, including to children of all ages, adults, and those who are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy. Face to face appointments are held in our rooms at Newstead, Brisbane and we are able to provide telehealth across Australia to those living outside of capital cities.


The Mendel Institute is able to provide specialist services to people across Australia who live outside of the capital cities. We understand the difficulties that people living outside of a major centre, especially those in rural and remote areas, face in accessing specialist medical services. Telehealth allows you to receive a consultation with a specialist from anywhere that you have access to a video-enabled computer or mobile device and a stable internet connection. Telehealth is provided over a secure platform which is password protected to guarantee your privacy.

Please email us if you are unsure if telehealth is suitable for you.

Telehealth by The Mendel Institute
Clinical Genetic Services - The Mendel Institute

clinical genetics

We see children and adults who have, or are suspected of having, a genetic condition. After a careful clinical assessment, we may organise genetic testing for you or your child to help clarify if there is a genetic diagnosis. If a genetic condition is found, we are able to counsel you on what this means for your future health and for other family members.

Prenatal Genetics

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most expectant parents. However, sometimes concerns arise on routine screening tests or ultrasound that the developing baby may have a genetic condition. Some couples may have a personal or family history of a genetic condition and worry about how this may affect the baby. The Mendel Institute provides specialist prenatal genetic care. We are able to assess you, your family history, and the results of any pregnancy testing you may have had to discuss what this means for you and your baby.

Prenatal Genetics


Cancer is very common. Most people know a family member who has had cancer, or perhaps you have received a diagnosis of cancer yourself. At the Mendel Institute, we carefully assess your personal and family history to determine if your genes could put you and your family at an increased risk of developing cancer. We can then advise you on how to best decrease this risk through options such as screening. Where appropriate, we can organise genetic testing to help determine your chances of developing cancer.

Carrier Screening

All individuals are silent carriers of genetic errors which may show up in their offspring. Reproductive carrier screening is able to test you and your partner to help determine your chances of having a child with a serious genetic condition. During your consultation for carrier screening, we explore your personal and family medical history to determine if there are any specific risks we need to consider before you have children. We also discuss testing that you may consider during a pregnancy to ensure all is progressing well.

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